About Shots Party

A good old tradition (the famous Shots Europe Party) should be followed up by a brand new one! 
Shots America is throwing their 1st annual Party of all Parties!
On Saturday the 15th of July, Beverly Hills will never be the same when Ruben and his crew go to town with their esteemed clientele!


We have found a more than unique location in the Hollywood Hills. A thirty million dollar villa will be the backdrop of this extravaganza with stunning views that will absolutely take our visitor´s breath away! 
To show our appreciation to all the customers who have supported us during the first 2 years of our existence in the USA, we will go the extra mile to make this a day to remember forever!


For most of our American guests it will be their first Shots Party, with some exceptions for people who came to visit us in Europe last year. This will also be a day-party where we start at 2 PM and we call it a day after having enjoyed a gorgeous sunset at about 6 PM, as we don't want it to interfere with other ANME activities.

Our customers can expect one of the best locations in Hollywood, gourmet food, an open bar, and entertainment.


We can’t wait to get things going! Can you?